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Innovative Surgical,  the manufacture of the  Da Vinci Surgery Robot recieved a  warning letter from FDA criticizing the company's safety-notification process. Agency inspections in April and May of this year  showed  numerious  deficiencies which have led to injuries during Surgeries such as  hysterectomies, gallblader removal and cancer surgery
The FDA alleged  that the company did not correctly document the need for surgeons to clean the robotic  instruments during robotic surgery leading to tears in the protective insulation which caused arcs and burns to patients.  The da Vinci surgical robot which typically costs about $1.2 million  is currently  used by more than 1,200 hospitals and allows surgeons to perform surgery remotely.
If you have been hurt by Bad Robot surgery, caused by the Da Vinci Surgical Robot,  please contact us today using the form below.

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