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Denture Cream

Denture_Cream_WarningGlaxo  to Pay $120 Million to Settle Denture Cream Lawsuits

GlaxoSmithKline , the maker of Poligrip is paying  least $120 million to resolve lawsuit  claims Poligrip products  cause survere neurological problems because the denture cream contains dangerious levels of zinc.

Glaxo, the manufacture of the Denture Cream settled more than 100 lawsuits over the last year alleging it did not  warn consumers about the potentail Zinc problems caused by the use of some of there Denture Creams. . The Settlements  averaged more then $1 Million per person.

Lawsuits against Poligrip are still being filed. In addtion, there are numersious lawsuiys pending against the Manufactures of Fixident Denture Cream, also becuase of Zinc Poisioning. The Fixident Lawsuits will go ti trial this year.


Attention Fixodent and Poligrip Users

 If you are experiencing neurological symptoms, make sure to contact your healthcare provider and/or a  Denture Cream Lawyer, But do not stop taking the product untill after you have contacted your Doctor to discuss the issue.

Most of the population is unaware that denture creams can be hazardous to their health.  Remember, just because you bought a product over-the-counter (OTC) doesn't mean it can't hurt you.  Make sure to read all labels carefully and follow instructions properly.  Make sure to read the Denture Cream Warning.  If in question, ask a pharmacist or your doctor.  The excessive use of denture creams can result in high levels of zinc and low levels of copper in the blood with the potential for generating nervous system damage.  If you have suffered from zinc poisoning from your denture cream, contact a denture cream attorney to see if you qualify to join the Denture Cream Lawsuit.

Why are patients using too much denture cream?  Generally their dentures don't fit properly.  Either they were not fitted properly or their dentures have become lose over time.  Quite often patients don't get their dentures replaced every few years probably because they can't afford to do so.  Dentures that don't fit properly require using excessive amounts of cream to secure them properly.  Improperly fitted dentures and the use of excessive cream increae the risk of zinc poisoning generating neurological damage.  The excessive use of denture cream has brought about the need for a Denture Cream Warning

 If you or a loved one have experienced adverse side effects from denture cream you should contact a lawyer now to see if you qualify for compensation from the Denture Cream Lawsuit.    

You May be Entitled to Compensation, So Act Now!

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of  using Denture Cream, contact us now to speak with our qualified professionals about possible compensation.  Call us now at 877-222-7069 or use the contact form below for an instant free case review.

To become eligible  to participate in the Denture Cream lawsuits and possibly receive compensation for damages. It is critical that you have a blood test to determine the levels of zinc and copper in your  body.  It is extremely important these tests be run while you are still using the denture cream because the copper and zinc levels will return to normal once you stop using the denture cream , even if permanent damage has already been caused. If your zinc levels return to normal despite the the fact you have been hurt due to the use of denture cream,  it is impossible to prove that denture cream has caused zinc poisoning.

Therefore,  if you think you have been harmed by the use of Denture Cream and  symptoms of neuropathy or neurological damage, talk to your doctor ASAP about having a blood test to determine the zinc and copper levels in your system! And If you have already stopped using the denture cream, talk your  doctor as soon as possible about getting your blood tested blood tested if you would like to participate in the Denture Cream Lawsuits.

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