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Information Concerning the Da Vinci Robot Lawsuit

Did you or a loved one  experience a serious injury  while undergoing da Vinci Robotic Surgery ? If you were injured as a result of a da Vinci surgery robot , you may be entitled to significant compensation and should talk  to one of our experienced Da Vinci Robot Lawyers.  Please fill out the form below for a Free case review, now !

A growing number of Da Vinci Robot lawsuits have been files concerning burns caused during the DaVinci Robot Surgery that have lead to serious injury, pain and even death. There have been reports of  cut bladders,  lacerated esophagus and death due to complications relating to the use of the robot.

The  DaVinci Robot is basically a computer aided electronic Scalpel,  but, there are dangers that the device  can malfunction, or that a doctor may use it incorrectly.  There apears to  be some design  problems with the da Vinci robot.  In one recent  Da Vinci Robotic Lawsuit , the robot  was the cause of  numerous severe surgical burns for a  24-year-old woman, who had a  hysterectomy.  During the procedure,  electrical current jumped from the Da Vinci Robot, severely burning her intestines and arteries, and causing her death.

In another DaVinci Robot Lawsuit that has been filed,  a 47-year-old Women., sued her hospital , alleging that both of her ureters were cut  during a DaVinci robotic hysterectomy.  This DaVinci Robot lawsuit,   echoes other cases across the country,  and  comes amid growing  concerns that some hospitals' credential standards for surgeons who use the device are too lax and they have not received enough training in its use.

In May 2010, the  Wall Street Journal featured an article titled " Botched Operation Using da Vinci Robot Spurs Lawsuits".  This article is the first to bring to national attention potential issues with operations performed with the Da Vinci Surgical Robot.   The device is manufactured  by Intuitive Surgical  Inc,  Sunnyvale Calif and costs more than $1.5 MM.

Complications from Bad Robotic Surgery include:

  • Severe internal burns
  • cut bladders,
  • lacerated esophagus
  • damaged  urethras
  • Internal tissue tearing
  • Internal bleeding
  • Fistulas
  • Hematomas
  • Sepsis
  • Death or coma


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If you or a loved one has been injured from bad robotic surgery  due to the  Da Vinci Robot,  you may be able to receive compensation in the form of a court award. Fill out the form below for a free case review by one of our Da Vinci Robot Lawyers.

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