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Did You Have Complications From Bad Robot Surgery? 

 DaVinci Surgical Robot lawsuits  are being currently being  filed  due to serious injury, pain and even death casued by Bad Robot Surgery. There have been reports of  cut bladders,  lacerated esophagus and death due to complications relating to the use of the robot.

The  DaVinci Robot is basically a computer aided electronic Scalpel,  but, there are dangers that the device  can malfunction, or that a doctor may use it incorrectly.  There apears to  be some design  problems with the da Vinci robot.  In a recent  DaVinci Robot Lawsuit,  a 47- year old Women,  alleged that both of her ureters were cut after having a simple hysterectomy during bad robotic surgery.

The Surgery Surgical Robot  was also  the cause of  severe surgical burns to a  24-year-old woman, who was undergoing a hysterectomy.   During the robotic surgery electrical current jumped from the Da Vinci Robot,  burning   her intestines and arteries, leading to her death.  These two DaVinci Robot lawsuits, echo many  other cases across the US,  and  comes amid growing  concerns that some hospitals'  training standards for Doctors who use the Davinci Surgical Robot  have not received enough training.

The Wall Street Journal in 2010  featured an article called " Botched Operation Using da Vinci Robot Spurs Lawsuits".  The featured article was the first to bring the needed attention to  potential dangers of performing Robotic Surgery with the Da Vinci Surgical Robot.   The device is manufactured  by Intuitive Surgical  Inc,  Sunnyvale Calif and costs more than $1 MM.

Bad Robotic Surgery Complications

The DaVinci Surgical Robot is currently being used by  approximately 2000 hospitals though out the Nation.  Based upon lawsuits that have recently been filed against  Intuitive Surgical, the manufacture of the DaVinci Surgical robot, we have added this device to our database.   Intuitive Surgical, the manufactureof this Robotic Surgical system has been accused of  failing to adequately research the long-term outcomes of da Vinci robotic system. The  Company is  also accused of  falsifying information and withholding information about  the extent of injuries and complications related the bad robotic surgery.

Complications from Bad Robot Surgery include:

  • Severe internal burns
  • cut bladders,
  • lacerated esophagus
  • damaged  urethras
  • Internal tissue tearing
  • Internal bleeding
  • Fistulas
  • Hematomas
  • Sepsis
  • Death or coma


Get A Free Case Review.

If you or a loved one have been seriously hurt  due to a bad robotic surgery caused by the  DaVinci Robot,  you may be able to receive compensation in the form of a court award. You will need to contact a DaVinci Lawyer  to inquire about a DeVinci Robotic Lawsuit. Fill out the Free case review form below to see  if you qualify.   It is the responsibility of  Intuitive Surgical , the manufacture tis surgical robot   to ensure the safety of their device before marketing them to Hospitals.

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