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FDA Issues Topamax Warning

A Topamax Warning has been issued by the FDA  concerning new data that links Topamax , an antiseizure  drug  to increased risk of birth defects if used during pregnancy. The FDA Warning  is due to data that shows showed a higher risk for cleft lip and cleft palate in infants . The FDA’s Topamax warning  is requesting that Medical professionals warn patients of childbearing age about the potential hazards.

The Topamax Warning from the FDA is based on new data showing that 1.4% of infants exposed to Topamax during their  first trimester had Cleft Palate as compared to .07% without the drug.

Johnson & Johnson  had sales of  $2.7 billion from Topamax for in 2008. The company pleaded guilty last year of promoting Topamax for unapproved uses, and had to pay  $81.5 million fine.

 Topamax birth defects

Topamax Lawyers  are now investigating  a Topamax Lawsuit.  The Topamax lawsuits allege that  Johnson and Johnson failed to identify the risks of Topamax causing injuries to unborn children. The lawsuits would  allege that  the manufacture knew or should have known about  problems such as Cleft Palate in infants  And Instead of researching the dangers that Topamax can cause,  the drug was  instead  marketed  and sold  for weight loss, alcohol dependence, eating disorders and mood and anxiety disorders without understanding the side effects.

There is now little question that there is a large  increased risk of  birth defects in infmats  whose mothers  were talking Topamax during pregnancy.  If you believe your child was harmed from Topamaz, you should contact a Topamax Lawyer now.

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