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Denture Cream


Symptoms of Denture Cream Poisoning

A denture cream warning has been issued.  A number of Denture Cream Lawsuits have been filed due to Denure Cream Poisoning associated with long-term over use of certain Denture creams.  GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), manufacturer of Poligrip, has issued a denture cream warning  for Poligrip indicating that if this cream is not used properly it has the potential for serious side effects such as neurological damage due to zinc poisoning.  They also state that they will stop making the denture creams that contain zinc because  they may cause long term health problems.  If you have experienced Denture Cream Poisoning from using denture creams, contact an attorney to see if you qualify for a Denture Cream Lawsuit

GSK's denture cream Poligrip has been found to be associated with generating neurological damage caused by zinc found in the denture cream cream.  However, GSK assures that Poligrip is safe to use so long as you follow the instructions.  Denture Cream Poisoningis associated with excessive long-term use of this adhesive.  Never the less, if you have experienced adverse side effects from using Poligrip, you should contact a denture cream attorney to find out your rights and see if you qualify for a Denture Cream Lawsuit.  

GSK has manufactured dental adhesives since 1996.  Another dental adhesives that is very popular is Fixodent which is manufactured by Procter and Gamble.  Both of these denture creams contain zinc and have been reported to have the potential to generate zinc poisoning.  Millions of people around the world use these denture adhesives everyday and may be at risk if not using them properly.  Medical studies have shown that individuals using two tubes per week for an extended amount of time demonstrate neurological deficits.  The most common side effect to zinc poisoning is neuropathy causing numbness to the limbs. 

Symptoms of Denture Cream Poisoning include:

  • increased loss in balance
  • increased loss in hand, legs and/or feet movement
  • tingling in your extremities (hands and/or feet)
  • numbness in your extremities
  • general muscle weakness

Taking in excessive amounts of the metallic element zinc causes improper absorption of copper causing hypocupremia.  You end up with too much zinc in your system and not enough copper.  Copper is important to run certain metabolic pathways by activating enzymes.  Without enough copper certain pathways come to a halt.  Denture Cream Poisoningis a serious matter and should not be taken lightly.  If you have experienced neurological complications while using denture creams, you should contact your healthcare provider immediately.  Next step is to contact an attorney to find out your rights and see if you qualify for a Denture Cream Lawsuit.

Manufacturers of denture creams are not required by the FDA to list the amount of zinc contained in their product.  It doesn't tell you on the package so there was no warning for the consumer to read.  Individuals who have ill-fitted dentures are apt to use a lot more cream than instructions indicate and are at risk of Denture Cream Poisoning.

GSK has already decided to remove zinc from all of their denture cream products so there will be no more neurological complications due to zinc poisoning.  Never the less follow all instructions on the denture cream tube.  If you have dentures that fit to loosely, try to get a new pair (it's important) and stay away from using excessive amounts of adhesive.   Zinc was put in denture creams to increase the adhesive quality.  So, without zinc you will have less of a hold.  Make sure to talk to your dentist if you have any questions.

You May be entitled to Compensation, so act now.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of using Denture Cream or want to learn more about the Denture Cream Lawsuit, contact us now to speak with our qualified professionals about possible compensation.  Call us now at 877-222-7069 or use the contact form below  for an instant free case review.

To become eligible  to participate in the Denture Cream lawsuits and possibly receive compensation for damages. It is critical that you have a blood test to determine the levels of zinc and copper in your  body.  It is extremely important these tests be run while you are still using the denture cream because the copper and zinc levels will return to normal once you stop using the denture cream , even if permanent damage has already been caused. If your zinc levels return to normal despite the the fact you have been hurt due to the use of denture cream,  it is impossible to prove that denture cream has caused zinc poisoning.

Therefore,  if you think you have been harmed by the use of Denture Cream and  symptoms of neuropathy or neurological damage, talk to your doctor ASAP about having a blood test to determine the zinc and copper levels in your system! And If you have already stopped using the denture cream, talk your  doctor as soon as possible about getting your blood tested blood tested if you would like to participate in the Denture Cream Lawsuits.

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