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How the DePuy ASR Hip Recall Affects You

If you have had the a Hip replacments with the Depuy ASR System -- and have starting to get increasing pain , difficulty walking, and the prospect of the need for another surgery. If you had wanted all of that heartache and pain, you wouldn't have had the ASR  hip Implants in the first place, would you?  Lawyers throughout the country are teaming up and now  seeking out people with ASR Hip implants who have been hurt just like you have in order to get them the compensation they so clearly deserve.

More than 93,000 people have been affected by the faulty Depuy ASR systems, with one out of eight requiring a second surgury to replace the defective product.  There are several  ASR Hip Implant  lawsuits forming, and with so many people affected, a mass tort is a major possibility. However, you don't have to wait for the Depuy ASR Hip Implant  lawsuit to get big before you join in -- you need to begin partnering with an attorney for your DePuy ASR  hip recall lawsuit as soon as you can. Though you may be feeling scared or overwhelmed, you don't have to do this alone -- many qualified attorneys are waiting to help you navigate these tricky legal waters.

The ASR hip replacement system has implanted in the United States since  July 2003. This means that if you havehads hips replaced on and after July 2003 you  should determine if you received a DePuy ASR Implants .  You can contact your orthopedic surgeon or the hospital where th you had the operation and had the ASR Hip Implanted.

Contact Recall Warning today to find out how exactly the DePuy ASR hip recall will affect you. It's the fastest way to get the details of your case in front of a lawyer who is concerned about protecting your legal rights and financial wellbeing. You may have started this journey for justice alone -- but you have help on the way.

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