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Accutane Recall Lawsuit

Hoffman La Roche is part of an international conglomerate known as the “the La Roche Group” that has affiliates in 150 countries.  The “La Roche Group” is estimated to be the 7th largest pharmaceutical company in the world.  The acne drug Accutane is one of Roche’s top drug sellers, with estimated annual sales of $1.2 billion.  Unfortunately, Accutane is one of three drugs on the market that has the most reports of severe side effects that has led to an Accutane Recall and an Accutane Recall Lawsuit.  Lawsuits have been brought against Roche for alleged side effects caused by Accutane including ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, birth defects and suicides long before the Accutane Recall.

In 2007, a man who had suffered IBD was awarded $2.5 million from Roche.  Later in 2007, a man received $7 million who had suffered from ulcerative colitis who had to have his colon removed.  In 2008, a women who had suffered from IBD and had part of her intestines removed was awarded $10 million.   Roche has stated that they would appeal all judgments for injury caused by inflammatory bowel disease claiming that the link between Accutane and IBD has not been proven.  Roche also stated that a warning for this side effect had been on Accutane packaging for over twenty years.  Never the less, Roche initiated an Accutane Recall in 2009 that has led to an Accutane Recall Lawsuit.


Accutane Removed From Market

A number of lawsuits have been filed against Accutane for psychiatric side effects.  On January 5, 2002, a fifteen year old (Charles Bishop) stole a single prop plane and crashed it into the Bank of America building in downtown Tampa, Florida.  Charles Bishop left a suicide note in his pocket.  The impact killed Charles and damaged an office room.  This teenager had taken Accutane for 8 months.   Another teenager, Steven Wertheimer (14 years old) who was taking Accutane therapy was killed when he stood in front of a commuter train.  These are just two situations where Roche was sued as there are many others.  Patients may still have claims against healthcare providers, clinics, or others who prescribed Accutane unnecessarily, did not warn of side effects, or did not monitor their patients properly during Accutane therapy.

Roche, the world’s largest manufacturer of cancer drugs has initiated an Accutane Recall from the US market as well as eleven other countries.  Roche informed the FDA that it was removing Accutane after realizing that Roche faced serious competition from generic forms given that its patent had run out in 2002.  Also, Roche admitted to having to deal with the high costs of personal-injury lawsuits and in particular over $33 million in damages for inflammatory bowel disease.  Roche faces at least 5,000 personal-injury claims over Accutane and more to come because of the more recent Accutane Recall bringing about an Accutane Recall Lawsuit.

You May be entitled to Compensation, so act now.

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